Privacy Policy

The Polijo is a product of Sambodhi Research and Communications Limited. Privacy concerns are of paramount importance to Sambodhi and it endeavors to ensure that the privacy of the end users is protected with utmost diligence. The Polijo is in strict compliance with the data protection laws in effect. The purpose of this privacy policy is to entail the kinds of personally identifiable information (PII) collected by The Polijo while engaging in business with the end users, the ways in which The Polijo can use the information collected, adherence to guidelines for non-discloser of information, the ways in which the information can be altered in the future, etc.


The Polijo uses cookies and sessions to store certain information in the form of data to track the activity of the end user on its service and recognize the user the next time the website is visited. Cookies and sessions are small files stored in the user’s desktop and server respectively. The users will have to accept cookies for smooth navigation through The Polijo application.


The data or information collected from the end users by The Polijo application is used for business related purposes, marketing strategy formulation, tracking the audience on the website, developing incentive structure for the customers/end users, sending emails on updates, newsletters, articles, etc. and to improvise services for better user experience.


The Polijo ensures utmost confidentiality of the data collected using the software by the end users. The data is owned and controlled solely by the end users. The Survey point adheres to the best security practices for protection of data. The in-built tools of the Polijo application use data collected by end users for analysis related purposes as navigated by the end user. The Polijo might anonymize and use data for purposes related to provision of services. The process related to administration of surveys is under the discretion of the end users and Sambodhi doesn’t take any responsibility for any wrong practice adopted by the end users while collecting data/administering surveys. Transferring of data by The Polijo to any third party is conditional upon legal requirements. The employees of The Polijo will never have access to the data collected unless permitted by the end users.


The Polijo works in coordination with third party service providers for technical support and assistance in cloud storage and hosting, financial transactions and billing, communication etc. The Polijo might share personal information of the end users with the third-party service providers for business related purposes. The Polijo takes meticulous measures to ensure safeguard of personal information of the end users in the process of sharing it with the third party service providers.


This privacy policy is subject to change taking into consideration the unforeseen circumstances and requirements. It is established by default that the end users agree to the revised privacy policy, if they continue using the Polijo’s services after changes are made. Alterations will be notified on the website as and when they are made.